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Greenwich Village or “The Village” as it is referred to by the residents, is one of the few remaining quintessentially New York neighborhoods left in the city.

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It is located in lower Manhattan, bordered on the south by Houston Street, on the north by 14th Street, on the east by Broadway and on the west by the Hudson perimeter.

This neighborhood may have it all but it still retains its charming, small-town vibe. The neighborhood’s tight zoning laws have prohibited developments, and you will see small quaint buildings only four to 5 stories high in the area.

It was once the resting place of artists and bohemians in the 60s and 70s. It was the home of the counterculture movement.

Today, the neighborhood draws artists of different stripes, whether they’re single, married, or senior professionals.

Greenwich Village is also home to the city’s most recognizable arch — the Washington Square Arch in Washington Square Park. The arch is often featured in films and TV shows.

Surrounding the arch are NYU buildings. The place is great for hanging out after work and on weekends. Enjoy people watching as students, poets, theatre actors, street performers, musicians, punks, and professionals young and old stream past you or gather around the Washington Square fountain.

Living here, you should know that you are living on land that is heavy with history — music history, political and literary movements and protests happened in the Village.

Jack Kerouac, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Dylan Thomas, Paul Simon…Do any of these names ring a bell? These are only some of the personalities who made the village their home. Bob Dylan lived in Greenwich Village and hung out at the White Horse Tavern (and so did Dylan Thomas) and performed at the Bitter End.

How about Henry James’ novel entitled Washington square and Mark Twain? The former was set in Greenwich Village and Mark Twain also lived at No. 14 West 10th Street.

You can duck into one of the major New York Public Libraries — the Jefferson Market Library — for some quiet reading time. The Victorian Gothic structure was once a courthouse with jail cells and a market.

The Village is filled with restaurants offering affordable eats, far from the astronomical prices of food and drink in the other boroughs. Since it’s a student area, the prices have been student-friendly. You can take your pick among the many Vietnamese restaurants, Japanese restaurants, Korean restaurants, Mexican restaurants, Spanish restaurants, Pizza places, and Crepe places.

A night out in the Village means dropping by at a comedy club for a stand-up act or seeing a theatre performance or a live music band or having drinks in one of the many student watering holes. Youthful energy and vibrancy are what the Village distinctly has.

It is an area that you will really love to call home. The crime rate in the neighborhood is very low and a great place to raise creative and artistic children and send them to P.S. 41 Greenwich Village — one of the highest rated public elementary schools in New York City.

You can also go to church every Sunday at St. Josephs or First Presbyterian, have lunch at any of the restaurants on and around Macdougal St. and walk around afterward in Washington Square Park afterward with your family dog.

The neighborhood is so compact with everything you need within walking distance, that you won’t even need a car. Greenwich Village is a walkable neighborhood.

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