Are you finally moving to New York City? Out of all the boroughs, Manhattan is still the best, hands-down. If you live in Manhattan, you are in the center of it all, and everything is within easy reach.

Now, you’re probably wondering about the best neighborhoods in Manhattan. There are 50 neighborhoods in Manhattan, and here I give you 5 of the best you can call your home.

Midtown West

Midtown is right in the middle of Manhattan. In fact, if people think of New York, they’re thinking of Midtown Manhattan. It is the busiest part of Manhattan and home to some of New York City’s best restaurants, retailers, theatres, cinemas, and bars.

It’s impossible to not be revved up by the energy of the area. Midtown West represents true urban living.

Professionals move to Midtown West to be within walking distance of their jobs. But if you work elsewhere, it also has excellent transport links. It is over the Times Square subway stop and nearby are Penn Station, and the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Apartments to rent in Midtown West are available in luxurious residential buildings, modern apartment complexes, and innovative skyscrapers.

With the right apartment to rent in Midtown West, you can have an oasis of peace and quiet within the hustle and bustle, with great views to boot.

Midtown East

The Grand Central Terminal, Bryant Park, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, the main branch of the New York Public Library, and Madison Square Park are all part of Midtown East.

The neighborhood has the highest concentration of business and money in the country. Residents of Midtown East are professionals working in one of the many corporate headquarters in the neighborhood.

Convenience is the word for living in Midtown East. Unlike the West, this part of Midtown is safe and serene.

Apartments for rent in Midtown East range from studios to one and two-bedroom apartments, to Classic 6s, to three-bedroom duplexes; from brownstones to townhouses, to post-war mid-rise complexes, to pre-war buildings to luxurious full-service condominiums.

The options are varied depending on which part of Midtown East you’re looking in. And the best apartments are fabulous and give you a view of the city skyline and waterfront vistas.

Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village may have become upsacle, but it still retains its charming, small-town vibe. It has tight zoning laws, which is why you will see mostly small quaint buildings only four to 5 stories high.

It was once the home to artists and bohemians, and the counterculture movement at the moment. Now, it still attracts artists and people with alternative lifestyles, but it’s also home to young families, singles, seniors, and professionals.

Greenwich Village is also home to the city’s most recognizable arch — the Washington Square Arch in Washington Square Park. NYU students and residents swarm to it and the fountain after work and on weekends, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of the area.

Many apartments in Greenwich Village are Federal-style homes, Greek Revival style homes, Italian homes, Gothic homes, and brownstones.

The neighborhood is beautiful, the vibe is hip, your neighbors are cool and friendly and love living here, and transportation is accessible.

Upper East Side

The Upper East Side of Manhattan is the height of luxurious living in New York City. Sleek and chic, it straddles old world elegance and modernity. It is home to well-known prep schools and designer boutiques.

The architecture is sophisticated and impressive and the apartments are spacious. Picture yourself living in one of the Georgian, Neo-Classical, or Art Deco apartments here.

Many apartment buildings have marble foyers with door attendants to receive you in your home and bellhops to attend to your needs.

And only steps away from Upper West side’s immaculate homes is New York City’s iconic Central Park. You will be inhaling fresher air thanks to the greenery provided by Central Park.

People move here to raise families. The area is very safe, with excellent security and peace and quiet. Moving into the neighborhood means you get within the catchment area of the best private and public schools.

Flat Iron

The Flatiron district is a historic preservation right in the middle of Manhattan. It is bordered by Union Square and Midtown. Walk for 5 minutes and you’ll find yourself in Gramercy, the Village, Chelsea, Union Square, and Midtown.

The Flatiron District is home to luxury buildings with the latest amenities. You will see a display of Beaux-Arts architecture and smattering of cast-iron buildings. The architecture is rich and impressive.

Your neighbors are professionals, bankers, and executives who enjoy an upscale lifestyle. And if you live here and you love food, you’re lucky, for many of the best restaurants are right on your doorstep. The Flatiron is one of New York City’s best restaurant districts.

The great dining and shopping options, excellent safety record, exceptional educational institutions, and good transport links make Flatiron one of the best neighborhoods to move to in Manhattan.

These are just 5 of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan. If you’re interested in renting in these neighborhoods, see our list of apartments available to rent here.